Voodootown – Bruce Elgin


Tagged as paranormal at Wattpad, Voodootown, by: Bruce Elgin, is also an action packed thrill ride populated by a kick-ass group of magically talented rag dolls—familiars who secretly watch, aid (and sometimes abet) and otherwise protect their human charges.


Voodoo Town is a magical place located below street level and accessible only to the dolls that are humanity’s protector-familiars. Its where they mingle, socialize and sometimes resolve their differences in The Ring, but . . . WE DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE RING!

When certain dolls mysteriously vanish, a quiet search for the missing begins. They soon find the cause of the disappearances when they’re attacked by an adult human (Doctor Midnight), who has not only discovered their existence but has learned how to harness their powers. Regardless of his motives, the means of attaining these powers is not beneficial to either the dolls or their associated humans, who become listless and easily controlled/manipulated.

Dr. Midnight co-opts the powers of the most useful dolls by creating magic objects (gloves and such) out of their cloth (skin), and making thralls of the rest by collaring them. Our small heroes find themselves in a battle for their humans’ lives and their own existence when Dr. Midnight gains control of important adult humans through their doll familiars.

Now they must do the unthinkable: reveal themselves to their teen-aged charges and take the fight to the to the man who started it.


Aside from the touches of paranormal, the magic of the author’s [Elgin] story is in it’s ability to draw us [readers] into Voodoo Town and not let us leave until the end. Sporting names such as Twister, Ju Ju, Root, Squat, Blink and so on, their particular talents are related (sometimes very loosely) to their names, and part of the fun at the beginning of the story is trying to guess what that power is based on their names.

The doll’s personalities are as various and different as their human charges and he [Elgin] takes us into those lives and their personal conflicts even as they they find themselves having to work together to combat and attempt to defeat the threat of enslavement facing them.

This tale combines the action and adventure of Die Hard (albeit with fewer guns and explosions) with the fun of Toy Story and enough suspense and drama to satisfy fans of those genres as well. About the only thing the tale leaves me wanting is more detail about, and scenes inside, Voodoo Town itself.

It is a highly entertaining read to which I would happily give 4.5 out of 5 stars if my site had them to give. 😀


Voodootown can be found in a seven part serialized version here at Amazon.com.