Original Song: Signs – The Five Man Electrical Band


Parody Lyrics by: R. S. Leergaard


The liar said

All those greasy people

They’re not ‘our kind’

Then we all sat there and watched Mr. Fat

As he told us another lie

He said they’re all coming from shIt-hole countries

Here’s what we’ll do

We’ll DON our MAGA hats and we’ll say this and that

More lies coming to you



Lies, lies

Oh so many lies

Locking up our twitter feeds

More and more  lies

Say this then say that

Here come some more lies


The liar said

To everyone caught just passing

“Hey I’ll work all the time”

Then he went right on down to his southern Golf House

And we paid forty times!

Yelled, “Build up the wall,” keep them all out

Said Mexico would be all-in

But we’re all here to tell him to his face

Man, this just ain’t a winner!


Lies, lies

All those fucking lies

Pissing off everybody

Lie-lie, lie, lie

Claim this then claim that

Oh tell some more lies


And, hey you, *Jellies, can’t you see?

No you don’t really have to lie for this dummy

He has no real bitch so take a seat

Why don’t you just not feed hi-iiim

The liar says hey you, take this Trump Membership Card

And tell more lies



The liar said

Nobody is welcome

To come and pay-for-play

But when he got to that town and opened up that hotel

They lined up and still pay to this day

So, when he sees this in the newspapers

And he jumps up and calls it a lie

Say no thank you, Lord, we’ll finally be free

When this guy is doin’ time



Lies, lies

Stop with all the lies

Can’t you see that nobody

Wants your damn lies

Lie here and lie there

We don’t want more lies


Lie, lie

Lie-lie, lie, lie lie

Lie-lie, lie, lie, lie, lie-lie-lie

Lie-lie, lie, lie

Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie

Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie


*Jellies = (White) Evangelicals


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