I’ve been several things in my lifetime (not all of them good) but I’m going to limit what I post here to the positive things I have been and am trying to be.

The largest part of my life was spent as an electronics technician, both in the US Navy and after I was discharged. I have also been an electrical/mechanical assembler in a couple of factories and a security guard.

Most recently I am trying my hand at creative writing with several posts already here concerning various incidents that occurred while I was in the navy, and I’ll be adding pages later on for book reviews and whatever else comes to mind.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. I don’t know what happened to my first reply. So I’ll start again. The “Willie” you referred to, I called “Lorenzo” and he was my section leader when I got married. We are still married, by the way. Cyrus Brooks we remember, too. My wife and I saw him when he was on his way back for his second tour at Awase. Long ago memories. There is a picture you posted from a bar near Futema and in that picture is a girl named ‘Emiko San’. If you are in any way, in touch with her, my wife (and I) would really like to know.

    Do I have to complete the email address and name fields every time I write?

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    1. Heh. Both of my replies disappeared the first time I posted them too. 😦

      Congratulations on your lasting marriage.:)

      I don’t know about the email field thingy. You’re the first person who ever responded to any of my posts.

      I first met Cyrus in Great Lakes. He was a n ET lab assistant when I was in ‘A’ School there. That must have been between his Awase postings. He told me then he’d be seeing me in Okinawa.

      Both of the girls that are recognizable in that picture are named Emi. If the Emiko you’re talking about is the one in red looking up, she was my girlfriend for the last 6 months or so when I was on Okinawa. Sadly, I lost touch with her a few months after I was transferred to Guam.


  2. I was stationed at the Awase Transmitter Unit from Mar 73 until Mar 76. I recognized some people in your post. If you want to email My wife and I would like that. That was my first duty station in the NAV and the first of anything is something you remember.

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    1. It was my first duty station too, and still my favorite one. Got there in Jan. of ’76. Sadly, I don’t remember you, but I had to spend three months on barracks duty at Kadena AB before I made it out to the Awase site. The Willie in the accident story was Lorenzo “Willie” Williams, and the Cyrus in the first 4th of July story was Cyrus Brooks.

      I’d be happy and proud to keep in touch with both of you if you’d like. 🙂


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