Book Reviews

The majority of posts in this category/section will be about stories I’ve found at Wattpad, or some Indie authors self-published at Kindle or Nook or other such places—I already have accounts at BookLikes & Goodreads, which are linked to each other and where I review more traditionally published stories.

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I won’t get into the complexities of the self-publishing arguments here other than to say I’m in favor of it as an outlet for those who can’t break in to the traditional realms for whatever reasons.

I will, on the other hand, get into what I like about Wattpad, and it’s this . . . I enjoy being able to interact with the authors during (and/or after) the creative process. The majority of them [the authors] are very good about responding to their fans, and I find the comments sections almost as fascinating as the stories themselves. I even even have a few stories of my own published at Wattpad under the pseudonym R. S. Leergaard. ( )

Most of the reviews I post under this category, at least at first, will be of stories I’ve found and enjoyed at Wattpad, but I will eventually expand from there into the realms of Kindle/Nook/etc.. 🙂