Navy Times (No, not the newspaper)

Stories from various places I was stationed at. While a profanity may pop up from time to time, I promise there’ll be no f-bombs or c-words or anything like that. Some of the stories may approach a R-rating as far as language goes, but there’ll be no graphic violence or shit. 😉

I’m trying to post the stories in the order of the places I was stationed at, but they’re going to appear in reverse order since the site goes from the newest posts to the oldest ones. The stories in each section, however, (Okinawa, Guam, etc.) will be in no particular order. I’m just posting them as they occur to me.

A number of them involve drinking, though I will try to limit those as much as a I can. Sadly, in a couple of places (Diego Garcia in particular) there wasn’t much else to do except drink and play softball (or a couple of other sports), sometimes at the same time, though that did not turn out so well.

I may edit the posts from time to time (I’ve already done so to some of them a couple of times) so you may want to reread them every so often to see if they’ve changed. There’s usually a notice at the bottom of the post that says when it was last edited (I think).

Anyway, I’m mostly posting these because some of the stories are funny (or at least I think so) and I’m hoping that maybe you’ll find them interesting, too. 😀