R. S. Leergaard

About Pseudo Me

R. S. Leergard is a 10 year US Navy veteran and an amateur fantasy writer who occasionally forays into soft science fiction. He began writing his first fantasy novel in 1983 while still in the US Navy. It had inter-dimensional travel, swords, magic, a couple of stranded alien beings with no teeth, and various other really weird things. It was called Earthpower and is probably one of the worst things ever written by anyone (Move over, ‘The Eye of Argon’). That story has morphed many times overs the years but it has never been completed. In fact, it sat idle for twenty years until it was resurrected under the title ‘The Question Stones’ sometime in 2003.

About that time, and as a member of a couple of msn groups called ‘Hippieeville’ and ‘Dare2Dream’, R. S. Leergaard also started writing silly short stories enhanced with smileys and other animated gifs and posting them in these two groups. They were only seen by a limited number of people (members of those groups) but some of the members told him he should get more ambitious about writing, so he (I) did.

He (I) joined his (my) first fantasy writers site (fantasy-writers.org) in July of 2004 and started entering their monthly challenges. It is also when he first started publicly using R. S. Leergaard as a pseudonym. After two challenges (July and September) he got ambitious and decided to try the NaNoWriMo held every year in November. The challenge of the NaNo is to write a 50,000 + word story in thirty days. R. S. Leergaard’s first effort was called ‘A Stitch in Time’, but it fell short of the goal at a little over 45,000 words. It was eventually completed, though it still remains in its first draft state to this day.

In 2005 he wrote a series of short stories under the title of ‘The Book of Xyxyx’. There were seven of them at the time, the first three parts of which were published at a site called Quantum Muse in August of 2005. These stories were a sort of Fractured Fairy Tales version of the bible and drew a small but vocal core of fans at both of the writers sites where they were originally posted for peer review. Two more stories, Parts 8 & 9, were added in 2012.

The same site that published the first three parts of ‘The Book of Xyxyx’, Quantum Muse, also published another of his short stories, ‘A Muse to Amuse’, in October of 2005.

Although he has joined and contributed stories and reviews to several other writers sites since that time, (The Dragon’s Den and Fan Story in 2006, Mythic Scribes in 2010, Absolute Write in 2011, Wattpad in 2014) and has been a NaNoWriMo participant every year since 2013, R. S Leergaard has had no other publishing successes until recently.

A short story called ‘The One’ was published by Fiction Magazines in the Jun 11 2016 (Vol. 04 No. 08) edition (no longer available) of New Realm (no longer exists).

Part 1 of ‘The Book of Xyxyx’ – Genassist – published by Smoking Pen Press in the Read on the Run anthology called ‘A Step Outside of Normal’, and the short story, ‘An Air of Authority’, also published by SPP in their anthology ‘A Bit of a Twist’.

A Step Outside of Normal     A Bit of a Twist


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