I little story I wrote this past Sunday, based of the following prompt. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 17 Feb – Topic by nyki Based on the discussion just now, the topic is to write something incorporating: An emergency that may not really exist. Someone discovering something about their surroundings is phony Desperately needing a drink ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fools! The … Continue reading Fools!


Ume’s Lament

This one comes from the monthly challenges posted at a site called Fantasy Writers. At the time it was only the second story I'd ever written since deciding that writing stories was something I both enjoyed doing and wanted to do with the full intent of letting other people see them. September 2004 The challenge … Continue reading Ume’s Lament

A Bit of a Twist – An Anthology of Short Stories

The second volume in the Read on the Run series by Smoking Pen Press, A Bit of a Twist is a collection of twelve short stories by various authors. Each of the stories presents its own unique spin on what might be considered a twist, with the first story getting extra credit for being a … Continue reading A Bit of a Twist – An Anthology of Short Stories

The Ancient – An Anthology by The Seven

Not all of the stories in this anthology involve actual lamps (Aladdin's or otherwise) but all do involve wish-granting artifacts of one sort or another, and all of them have their points to make. The themes (and realms) range from sci-fi/fantasy to Lovecraft-esque type horror to everyday normagicity (<<<not a word) and everything in between. … Continue reading The Ancient – An Anthology by The Seven