Prophet Sharing

Another Friday Night Write (FNW), this one from May of 2014. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 May 2014 – topic by Nyki: I was rewatching an old Doctor Who earlier where the Doctor arrives on a planet he's never been to and finds a Rushmore-sized carving of his face on a cliff, so I thought I'd nick the … Continue reading Prophet Sharing


Bonsai Warriors

Okay, this one is old and silly as hell, but meh. From May of 2006, here's a short and untouched (excepted for correcting a few typos) story from a Dragon's Den challenge. *Author's note: These Dragon's Den challenges are what we call 'One-Hour Writes' which are just what they sound like. A bunch of us would … Continue reading Bonsai Warriors

A Bit of a Twist – An Anthology of Short Stories

The second volume in the Read on the Run series by Smoking Pen Press, A Bit of a Twist is a collection of twelve short stories by various authors. Each of the stories presents its own unique spin on what might be considered a twist, with the first story getting extra credit for being a … Continue reading A Bit of a Twist – An Anthology of Short Stories

The Ancient – An Anthology by The Seven

Not all of the stories in this anthology involve actual lamps (Aladdin's or otherwise) but all do involve wish-granting artifacts of one sort or another, and all of them have their points to make. The themes (and realms) range from sci-fi/fantasy to Lovecraft-esque type horror to everyday normagicity (<<<not a word) and everything in between. … Continue reading The Ancient – An Anthology by The Seven

The Weatherman – Laurie Axinn Gienapp

Intentional or not, this turns out to be a cautionary tale about how easily public opinion can be manipulated, an especially relevant message in these times. There is intrigue, suspense, danger, and maybe a little bit of fear at how this might become a real thing. The characters are interesting and believable, as is the … Continue reading The Weatherman – Laurie Axinn Gienapp

A Step Outside of Normal

A collection of seven short stories by five different authors, A Step Outside of Normal can easily be read during any cross country or other extended flight. I'm not going to write extended reviews of each story since, in some cases, such a review would challenge the story itself in length. Below are short blurbs … Continue reading A Step Outside of Normal